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 Industrial Grade Desktop DLP 3D Printer ---Plus 1 (L90)


Plus 1 

        Plus 1 (L90) is an industrial grade desktop DLP-3D printer, which can print big-size moldings with high precision and great-smoothness surface quality. Very simple and easy operation, and it can assist small casting device to make jewelries in small batch and individuation.

machine -16


        Plus 1(L90) has adopted professional high-definition projection optical engine, and the definition is 1080p (1920×1080). It has high uniformity of illumination, which can ensure moldings to be formed stably at each position and site. Highly stable LED UV light source is used, and the service life can reach 20000 hours, to ensure reliable forming during the printing process. The molding size is bigger, which can reach 96(X)×54(Y)×100(Z)mm; multiple models or big-size model can be printed, and 30 models can be printed every 3 hours. The X/Y molding precision is 50μm, the thickness of Z axis layer is 0.025-0.05mm, and a height of 6-12mm can be printed every hour.




Plus 1-01

machine -7


       1.  Desktop integrated machine, very stable, it can ensure the printing quality;

       2.  It supports STL/SLC multi-format, which does not require connecting with computer, and it can print offline;

       3.  Color LCD touch-sensitive screen module, it supports one-key switch between Chinese, English and Thai;

       4.  Super resin VAT, long service life, big resin VAT has more stable molding;

       5.  Multiple materials can satisfy different application requirements, which can perfectly match the equipment.

machine 1

Machine Advantages                                                     

       1.  Machines have equipped the LED UV Light Source, the LED advantages are high service life (≥20000 hours), very stable and even, have no dead corners (which compares with UHP Light Source ). So it can keep perfect same precision at each position,each dots, each corner in every layer.

machine -5
machine -11

        2.  All machines have passed high standards of inspection, calibration and testing. In our concept, quality is the first, service is the second, price is the last.


      3.  Machines have adopted marble as its working platform. Marble has  marvelous advantage in resisting heat and cold temperatures.  Other Brands seldom have even taken such technology because of the high cost of Marble. 

machine -4

      4.  The Printing Z axis has great control power on printing precision. Our machines have equipped the integrated modular which has high stable feature from Taiwan, not like others who use iron line and steel prop.

machine -9

       5. The resin tray has the service life for 2 - 3 months, which isnot the longest lift , but the price is very cheap. German Resin tray can be used for half of year, but its price is 3-4 times of ours. Italian Resin tray can be used for only 2-3 weeks life, but its price is also much higher than ours.
resin tray 4
resin tray 1
       6.   The DC power system has adopted from Taiwan Mean Well  company, which is one of the leading brand manufacturers of standard exchangeable power supplies in the world. The controllers and electronic components are durable enough for 24/7 printing requestments.
DC Power

      7.  Ous Printing Software      3D Plus software is independently reseached and developed by our software engineering team. Servicing for clients' using and  summarizing clents' experience, 3D Plus software can print high precision size and great smoothy surface, with easy-to-use feature(only 3 steps to print).



software 3

software 4

software 5

           Most of 3D Printer Companies hasnot the independent 3D Printing Software for their own machines.  They develop the open protocol  in the internet for their 3D Printing software. As they hasnot the source code, they cannot master and handle the software very well. So their softwares cannot be perfectly matched with their machines and print perfectly.

software 1

software 2


Machine Details                                                     


        Machinery: Industrial-grade,  simple user-friendly machine design
       Screen:   Colorful Touch Screen, integrated PC operation system
       Operating temperature range: 20℃-26℃
       Operating humidity range: <40%
       Software: Rhino, Jewel CAD,  Matrix, JewelSmith、ArtCAM、3Design and so on, Just export  STL version file 
Plus 1-02
Plus 1-03
Plus 1-04
Plus 6-7
Plus 6-8
Plus 1-05
Plus 6-10
machine Accessories
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